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Boost Promotional Branding Acquires EBSCO Creative Concepts

April 21, 2017

Distributor Boost Promotional Branding (PPAI 107225), headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, announced today that it has acquired distributor EBSCO Creative Concepts (PPAI 104781), a division of EBSCO Industries.

"We are excited to welcome EBSCO Creative Concepts and their 28 associates into the Boost family," says Jeff Hall, executive vice president and principal at Boost. "ECC has a tremendous following of associates and clients. Boost looks forward to supporting their team through our award-winning support, technology platforms and combined network of sales associates across the country."

Boost will maintain sales, operations and fulfillment roles in Birmingham, as well as continue to support their clients' charities within the region.

Birmingham, Alabama-based EBSCO Industries includes more than 20 businesses, including IMAGEN Brands, parent company of suppliers Crown Products (PPAI 113430) and Vitronic (PPAI 114197).

Tim Colllins, president and CEO of EBSCO, says, "While ECC and IMAGEN Brands have always operated independently of one another, EBSCO made the decision to focus solely on the supplier side of the promotional products industry. We believe that this focus will give both ECC and IMAGEN Brands the best opportunity to continue their solid track records of growth. EBSCO underwent an extensive search for the perfect partner for our ECC associates and clients, and Boost quickly rose to the top of the list. Boost has similar business values to EBSCO and we took comfort in knowing our associates and customers would be given the tools and support to continue their great success. EBSCO is proud to have been a part of ECC's history."

Read more about this acquisition at PPB Newslink.

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